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It allows you to integrate the core functionalities of your business into one seamless solution, while at the same time fusing with your business model to not only let you be competitive but also squeeze any inefficiencies out of your processes.

It is primarily web-based, but can also be made to be desktop-native based.

Our typical clientele are aviation institutions that are looking for customized solutions to improve and accelerate their unique business models, strategies, and competitive advantage moving forward.

Yes, if you have a solution you currently use and are in need of an augmented service or solution, then we can build out that service to fit with the current solution you have now.

Our ecosystem consists of nodes (technologies) that allows institutions in the aviation industry to not only lower costs, boost performance, increase profitability, and fuse their technology with their unique business model, but also allows them to connect to other nodes in other subsegments of the industry. This then allows you to take advantage of network effects, greater resources, and resource utilization across a wider network. It also allows you to take advantage of machine learning algorithms, and data management to further compound the effects of the use of the ecosystem.

While the price, based on the value, is affordable, it is based on the needs of the institution and what they’re looking to get done. Rest assured that the price is much less than the overall value gained from the product

Orlando Spencer - Helper/Founder 
Email: orlando@orlandospencer.com
Phone: (619) 488-1731

Our products are developed in a particular way to accelerate and enhance the competitive advantages of our customers and clients, and in doing so we protect their intellectual property by not showing what we do for them online.