Implementing The Right Solution


During this phase of our process we carefully evaluate the solutions that we have crafted vis-à-vis the problems we have discovered. We ensure that these solutions are actually right for the situation. At this point, another assessment is made to verify that the right solutions were found before we go ahead with implementing those with the problem itself.

During the implementation phase, we are mindful that this is never a linear process in itself. It is always in flux, and therefore we need to be adapting over this phase of the process to any variable, internal or external, that may happen from time to time with the customer or client.

We guarantee that the implementation phase of our process is heavily involved for us. Involvement for us means that our customers and clients are with us every step of the way. This allows us to review, and test in real time different sets of technologies or strategies being deployed. It gives us a level of flexibility and agility that would not be possible with a linear, uninvolved process. In that way, we become an arm of the client themselves, and operate as if we are one with their organization, moving and reacting to changes as they arrive, even during the implementation phase.