Our Siblings

In all things I believe that the human element must come first.

Orlando O Spencer

To create solutions that will make a positive impact towards communities

Daniel Nzioka
Head of Product Development

Love to talk with people and make friends. Enjoy eating good food and like to spend time cooking with new recipes.

Yi Hsu
Market Analyst

I find joy in helping others take the next step forward

Kevin Brown
Market Specialist

I am a Mobile Application Engineer who loves to create applications that solve real life problems. I also love music, Mix Martial Art, and anything Tech

Natalman Nahm-Tchougli
Full-Stack iOS Developer

I am an iOS developer who loves to be around my friends and family. I am a big animal lover as well!

John Russo
Full-Stack iOS Developer

I’m really thrilled in developing software ideas, seeing them come to life and learn throughout the process.

Jonathan Jimenez
Full-Stack Web Developer

Hey, I'm Lance! I'm a full stack developer with a passion to see what I work on succeed

Lance Blum
Full-Stack Web Developer

I am a UX/UI Designer and am passionate in putting user needs first by creating change that serves a purpose.

Jasmine Chahal
Aesthetics (UX/UI) Team Lead

Not only does creating Full-Stack applications motivate me, but also the process of teamwork and sharing knowledge

Raul Moya
Full-Stack Web Developer

I am an iOS developer who is constructing the path and finding the purpose.

Bing Y.
Full-Stack iOS Developer

I design experiences that make people's lives simpler, and I love coffee! ☕️

Keren Vasquez
Aesthetics (UX/UI)/Designer

I'm an iOS Developer who is stoked to apply my artistic mind and adventurous spirit to my work!

Gavin Woffinden
Full-Stack iOS Developer