We have created, and still are creating, a suite of cutting edge technology and strategic services that are interrelated in an intricate web of solutions, to form an ecosystem. This ecosystem is designed to allow our customers and clients to enhance and leverage technology across various aspects of the aviation industry. It is also designed to help our customers and clients emphasize  their unique capabilities that they would have not been able to leverage without connecting to external nodes, using our ecosystem.

The ecosystem is designed to allow our clients to maximize their resource utilization, improve throughout their training and other activities, and take distinct advantage of opportunities as they arise out of the external environment. The system also allows our customers and clients, using unique Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, to predict various aspects of their business. Our system allows customers and clients to predict things such as fuel usage and kilowatt hour usage for aircrafts and other equipment.  

The system also allows our clients to tap into resources and pools of resources that are not accessible to them as individuals. But collectively they may have access to it in the ecosystem. This is where our ecosystem really shines. By using network effects, customers and clients can take precedence and utilize unique capabilities that are only found in this ecosystem, allowing them to be even more competitive, efficient, cost effective, and profitable in the long run.